Busy weekend for 49ers


Saturday, October 8, 2011 On October 8th Engine 49-2 attended the Delaware County Fireman’s Association parade held at the Tinicum Fire Company station 48 in Essington, Pa. Under the direction of Lieutenants Ray Devine and Richard Sullivan, the junior firefighters took 2nd place in the category of 1990 and older engines. They did a great job considering it was their first competition parade as firefighters. At 5:20pm that same day the 49ers were dispatched to a fire alarm in town that turned out to be a false alarm.
               This same weekend on both October 8th and 9th, 49-7 staffed by Laura Curran, Nancy Sullivan (49-11a), and Amy Jackson (49-11) stood by the 5th annual HEADstrong lacrosse competition to benefit cancer research. At the Sunday standby, the crew (49-11a/49-11) was recruited to act as trainers for Chestnut Hill College and Widener University lacrosse teams. They treated an ankle injury, one player suffering from hyperthermia, and some other minor medical needs. Thankfully, there was no needed transports to the hospital.