Tower 49 and Crew attend Annual DCLEMF induction

May 6th Tower 49 and crew consisting of Captain Richard Sullivan, EMS Capt. Amy Jackson, and firefighters Sam Driben and Ryan Curley, attended the Delaware County Law Enforcement Memorial Foundation induction ceremony. The flag was hung high up in the air by Tower 49 and the help of Tower 44 (Springfield Fire Co.) Milmont Fire Company Deputy Chief and Bethel Police Officer Jay Volpone is on the DCLEMF committee and was on hand to help set up. Thankfully there were no LODD deaths last year, but Police Officer Ray Castaldi (Marple Police), who was not only a founding member but active in the annual inductions, had passed away this year. The foundation dedicated a plaque and planted a tree to honor his dedication. Ofc. Castaldi's family was at the ceremony for the dedication. Police officers from around the county and surrounding areas, were also participating. This year's dedication also included Mounted Troopers from Lancaster County, K9 officer, and bag pipers.


Tower 49

Tower 49


Good Citizens

Thursday, May 14, 2015  Today May 14, 2015 the Milmont Fire Co. hosted Grace Park Elementary"s Kindergarten classes for the second year. They are learning what Good Citizens do and came to the firehouse to meet the men and women that volunteer to serve the community. We had an AM and a PM tour. The boys and girls met Captain Richard Sullivan, Lisa Parks, Lexi Sullivan and Betsy Sullivan. Captain Sullivan showed the boys and girls the fire trucks and the Ambulance. The boys and girls had a chance to wear a fire Helmet, hold tools that the firemen use and even get into the trucks and ambulance to see what they were like. Milmont Fire Company was honored to have the Kindergarten class come to our firehouse. They all had many questions and Captain Sullivan was glad to answer each one of them. We would like to thank the teachers for bringing the kids today Dan Arrison and paraprofessional Kathy Austin, Katie In Kopay and Kendall Howanski.



Brotherhood Supporting Teenager

On Saturday May 2nd, the 49ers along many other participants, got together for the birthday of 12 year old Josh Kramer an autistic boy from Delaware County. Josh's birthday was actually on April 3rd, but nobody from his school showed up for that invite. Justice Animal Rescue heard about what happened to Josh and decided to hold a party for him at Ridley State Creek Park posting the event on facebook. The tally of those who wanted to participate snow balled. Fire trucks, police motorcycles, custom jeep club as well as many other people, met at Granite Run Mall parking lot for the parade down Route 352 to the park. Milmont Fire Company members Jay Leaver and Lisa Parks (Parks Entertainment) donated their time and DJ skills to the event. Channel 6ABC news covered the event as seen on the link below.



2015 Banquet Awards

Saturday, April 18, 2015  On Saturday April 18th, the Milmont Fire Company honored their members at the annual awards banquet held in the Milmont Hall. The evening kicked off with the blessing from Kyle Adamczyk of Our Lady of Peace Church. A buffet style dinner was enjoyed by all those in attendance including State Representative Joseph Hackett. Representative Hackett ,later in the evening, help give out the awards and presented the winners a certificate of appreciation signed by him. Retired Commissioner from Ridley Townships 3rd ward, Sheri Zuppo, was given a special appreciation plaque for Outstanding Community Service. Mrs. Zuppo gave 40 years of service to the township and continued to give her support to the Milmont Fire Company throughout. The following awards were given out to give thanks for all the hard work throughout the 2014 year: TOP 10 FIREFIGHTERS 1. Richard Sullivan Jr 2. Richard Sullivan III 3. Ryan Curley 4. Dylan Latorco 5. Robert Baxter 6. Mark Rice 7. TJ Burke Jr. 8. Terry Burke Sr. and Jay Volpone Sr 9. Sam Driben and Steve Annas 10. Joe Maginnis Fire Rookie of the Year: Andy Kalesnik Firefighter of the Year: Richard Sullivan Jr. and Richard Sullivan III TOP 5 EMS 1. Mark Rice 2. Kyle McCans 3. Nancy Sullivan and Amy Jackson 5. Sam Driben Business Appreciation Award: Mike Harvey (State Farm) and Applebee's of Folsom Chief's Award: TJ Burke Jr. , Jay Volpone, and Betsy Sullivan President's Award: Mark Rice Engineer's Award: Steve Annas Appreciation Award: David Grieff Lifetime Achievement: Amy Jackson Charlie Hornberger Award: Terry Burke Sr and Betsy Sullivan After all the awards were given out, the evening continued with dancing with DJ Steve Skalish. A great time was had by all. The members, officers, and banquet committee would like to thank our cover company Station 68 Marcus Hook and all those who attended.

Board of Directors

Board of Directors

Lifetime Achievement

Lifetime Achievement






Fun Time at Coach Bag Bingo

Saturday, March 28, 2015  Last night the members and Ladies Auxiliary of the Milmont Fire Company, held another fun night at Coach Bag Bingo. Everyone had a great time as Coach purses, clutches, and other prizes were won. The 50/50 drawing was one of the biggest payouts yet! All the members who volunteered their time for the benefit for the fire company, would like to thank all those who attended for their support. All proceeds went to the Milmont Fire Company for various and much needed projects.



Battle on the Boulevard Check Given

Friday, March 6, 2015  On March 6th , 2015, members of both Milmont Fire Company and Folsom Fire Company presented a check for $4000.00 to The Nathan Speare Burn Center at Crozer Hospital, exceeding last years donation. The money was raised last September 20th when the two companies got together hosting The 2nd annual Battle On The Boulevard softball tournament. Deputy Chief Jay Volpone from Milmont Fire Company presented the check to Crozer Hospital representatives and channel 6ABC news presenting it for the 5 o'clock news. Check back here for information on the 3rd annual Battle Tournament coming sometime in the fall.



Hands On Drill

This past week, the 49ers had the opportunity to get some hands on training through the help of Harper Properties. Along with company 49, Companies 08 (Prospect Park), 18 (Folsom), and 43 (Holmes), all drilled on ventilation, forcible entry, and other firefighting skills over the course of several days. Thanks goes out to all those who came out to brave the cold and train. Further pictures (Provided by Amy Jackson and Andy Kalesnik) can be found in our gallery.



Weekly drill

Tuesday, February 3, 2015   Tuesday night members of station 49 took time to do some housekeeping and performed tool maintenance to make sure all trucks are ready for service.



Passing of Life Member

Sunday, February 1, 2015  The Milmont Fire Company regrets the announcement of the passing of Life member, former Board Member , and Fire Policeman Raymond W. Donnelly, Sr.

Ray. " Chief, " 68 of, Woodlyn, PA, formerly of Collingdale, PA, died Friday January 23, 2015, in Fair Acres, Lima, PA.
Born in Philadelphia, PA, he was the beloved son of the late Edward and the late Emma (Fitzroy) Donnelly.
Ray was a 50 year member of Collingdale Fire Co. #1. He was also a life member of Milmont Park Fire Co., PA State Fire Police and Delco Fire Police, which he was awarded Delco Fire Policeman of the year in 2011.
Ray was also a member of Collingdale Seniors.
For 35 years Ray worked in the Sanitation Dept. for the Collingdale Borough.
Predeceased by his siblings, Elizabeth Anthony, Edward and John "Jack" Donnelly. Grandsons, William and Chrles Max Donnelly.
Survived by his beloved wife, Marie(Hogan) Donnelly (also a member of the Milmont Fire Company); two sons, Raymond (Danielle) Donnelly Jr. and Charles Donnelly Sr.; daughter, Lisa (Justin, Sr.) Brown; sister, Carol Ann (Denis) Taylor; eight Grandchildren, Tiffany Donnelly, Timothy Donnelly, Raymond Donnelly III, Hailey Donnelly, Korina Brown, Justin Brown Jr., Alex Brown, Charles Donnelly Jr.

Prayers go out to him and his family from all the Officers and Members of the fire company.



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